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Path of Titans is a multiplayer dinosaur survival video game being developed for home computers and mobile devices. Survive as a dinosaur in a rich ecosystem filled with intelligent AI creatures and up to 200 other players. Explore a realistic, detailed environment and complete objectives on your own or with members of your pack.

Gameplay Features

Path of Titans will feature an extensive environment you must survive in. Find water, forage for edible plants, and hunt prey in order to avoid death. But that’s just the beginning. Partake in realistic, environment driven quests in order to gain points to put towards improving your character and permanently unlocking skins or new dinosaurs.

  • Permanent characters with in-depth skin and trait customization
  • A complex questing system.
  • Group and Guild systems that allow for pack hunting and herd migration, with servers supporting up to 200 concurrent players.
  • Lush environment filled with AI dinosaurs and smaller prehistoric creatures
  • Swimming, diving, and fishing in both lakes and rivers.
  • Cross platform functionality, play the game from your PC with your friends on mobile and vice versa.
  • Powerful modding tools with extensive documentation, and a backend allowing modders to deliver their content to other players.

Supported Platforms

Path of Titans will be available for multiple platforms complete with cross-platform play, with a future ideal goal to bring it to consoles at a later date. Path of Titans will be distributed through our own Alderon Games launcher, from which you will be able to download mods, patches, and engage with the community. This game will not be available through Steam.

  • Windows (8.1, and 10)
  • MacOS (Catalina and later)
  • Linux (Tested on Ubuntu / Debian Based OS)
  • Android (Must support Vulkan)
  • iOS (iOS13 and higher, and iPhone 6S or higher)

For server owners:
Windows, Linux, and Mac based servers will be compatible with Path of Titans. Listen servers can also be hosted on all supported platforms.

Our Launcher

Path of Titans will be downloadable and playable only with our launcher. Through our launcher you will be able to easily keep up to date with news, updates, and patches. If you would like to download our launcher for free, please visit and create an account. Once you log in, you will be able to download our launcher and install it on your device. While you cannot yet play the game, you can still check out news and information about the game through the launcher!

Stretch Goals

All stretch goals will be added after the release of the initial base game and will be available to all players at no additional cost. Below are our current stretch goals!

Play the Game Early with Pre-Release Access

As a reward for backing at our Pre-release Access tier, backers will have access to the game during a specified Pre-Release window. During this time you will have a preview of the full game and will be able to give us feedback to help shape the final release.

The Pre-Release Access will allow backers who have purchased a $30 or higher perk, excluding the All 60 Partner Skins perk, to download and play the game with other players who also have access to the pre-release. Pre-Release Access will be for PC + Mobile only (Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android)

As a Pre-Release version of the game, it will not be fully feature complete and may contain bugs or other problems that could hinder gameplay. More information about the exact Pre-Release date will become available as we get closer to the estimated date, and we will be posting news about it as development continues.

Backer Rewards

By backing the game early, you can gain access to exclusive rewards! Your support will allow us to continue our quick development pace and allow us to bring the game to you sooner! Backer rewards will be delivered upon official launch of the game, excluding Pre-Release Access, which will be delivered when the Pre-Release window is opened.

Note that skin rewards, OST and Artbook rewards, and custom dinosaur rewards will be delivered to your account across all platforms (present and future), as we have a unified login and database system that works across all devices.

Add 1 Exclusive Backer Skin

Interested in only one or two backer skins? Grab one for a specific dinosaur with this perk! You will receive a code for the skin that you will enter into the Alderon Games Launcher in order to unlock the skin in-game. You can choose the species upon selecting the perk.

NOTE: You must own a copy of the game in order to use this skin (game is not included with this perk).

Click the dinosaur names below to view a large image of each backer skin available. You will receive all 3 pattern variations displayed per species.



One Copy of the Game

Own a copy of Path of Titans. This will include the full game for PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), which will be tied to your Alderon Games account. To play the game, you will have to download the Alderon Games launcher which is a portal to the community and will allow you to play with friends, download mods, and discuss the game through our forums.

Pre-Release Access + 1 Backer Skin

Grab a bundle that comes with 1 copy of Path of Titans for PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), 1 backer skin of your choice, and early access to the game before it is released.

This will include the full game at launch, which will be tied to your Alderon Games account. To play the game, you will have to download the Alderon Games launcher which is a portal to the community and will allow you to play with friends, download mods, and discuss the game through our forums.

Digital Soundtrack

Path of Titans will feature a full original soundtrack, pulling inspiration from tribalistic and ambient themes. Environmental sounds will be the driving force behind setting the tone for each time of day as well as accenting combat, interactions, and natural events. By helping back the project, you can choose to receive a copy of the full soundtrack in high quality audio formats.

Digital Art Book

This art book will contain exclusive sketches, concepts, and work-in-progress images of the dinosaurs, prehistoric creatures, environment, and technical art that went into creating the game. At 100+ pages long, this book will give insight into the design and game dev process that goes into creating video game characters and environments.

A mock up of 4 pages of the art book can be seen below (layout is subject to change)!

All 18 Exclusive Backer Skins

Unlock all 18 skins exclusive to this crowdfunding event! This includes 1 copy of Path of Titans for PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) and 1 skin for each species of dinosaur included in the base game. The three sub-species of each dinosaur will all be able to use the skin associated with them. These skins will be visible on both official and unofficial servers.

Full size images of all skins are linked in the Backer Skin section above.

Group Game 4 Pack

Purchase a copy of the game for PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) for yourself and 3 other friends! Whether you want to complete quests as a party or simply explore the prehistoric world together, you can save 25% in this bundle! You will each also be thanked with your names in the credits, and you will also receive 4 pre-release access codes that you can give to your friends in order to participate in the pre-release access window!

1 Exclusive Backer Skin


Purchase Perk

Mobile Only + Pre-Release Access


PC & Mobile Full Game + Demo


PC & Mobile Full Game + Demo + Pre-Release + 1 Skin


Purchase Perk

All 18 Exclusive Backer Skins + Game


Group Game 4 Pack