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Path of Titans Additional Store Information

Additional Backer Rewards

By purchasing the game early, you can gain access to exclusive rewards! Your support will allow us to continue our quick development pace and allow us to bring the game to you sooner! Backer rewards will be delivered upon official launch of the game, excluding Pre-Release Access, which will be delivered when the Pre-Release window is opened.

Digital Art Book and Game Soundtrack

Path of Titans will feature a full original soundtrack, pulling inspiration from tribalistic and ambient themes. With this purchase, you will receive a copy of the soundtrack in high quality audio format!

The Path of Titans art book will contain sketches, concepts, and work-in-progress images of the dinosaurs, prehistoric creatures, environment, and technical art that went into creating the game. At 100+ pages long, this book will give insight into the design and game dev process that goes into creating video game characters and environments.

A mock up of 4 pages of the art book can be seen below (layout is subject to change)!

Our Launcher

Path of Titans is only playable with our launcher on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Through our launcher you will be able to easily keep up to date with news, updates, and patches. If you would like to download our launcher for free, please visit and create an account. Once you log in, you will be able to download our launcher and install it on your computer.

Stretch Goals

Thanks to you, we have reached all our stretch goals! These will be added after the game is released. Check out everything we have unlocked below!