Path of Titans Server Hosting

Craft your unique dinosaur experience by hosting your own community server!

Want to host your own Path of Titans community server? It's easy to set up your own custom server for your friends and community! Create a unique experience for players and manage every detail to create your unique Path of Titans experience!

Server customization options include:

Game Modding

Add modded dinosaurs and creatures, host custom maps, play new game modes, and more!

Control Your Game

Make powerful adjustments to your server, such as stat changes, playable dino lists, growth changes, and more!

Creator Mode

Server admins can spawn items, decorate, drag players, assign quests, and so much more!

Where Do I Start?

Begin by setting up your own server! You can purchase a server from any of the server providers below, or download the server files to host on your own machine.

By hosting your own Server or joining a hosted Server, you agree to our Server Hosting Agreement.

Use A Server Provider

Keep it simple and get your server setup in minutes with any of the server providers below.

Experienced Users: Download Server Files

If you are an experienced user and know how to install and host your own server, you can download the Path of Titans server files from our Github. Hosting your own server will require a dedicated machine running Windows or Linux.

Server Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What can I edit on my server?

A: You can edit many settings on your server to build your own dinosaur experience, such as playable characters, character stats, game modes, mods and much more. View full server documentation here:

Q: Can hosted servers use banlists and allowlists?

A: Yes. You can specify a banlists and allowlists. You can also use reserve slots to guarantee certain players being able to connect to your server.

Q: Can I use Anticheat Software on my server?

A: Yes. Path of Titans currently supports BattlEye Anti-Cheat. More information can be found at

Q: How do I host a server on my own hardware?

A: Please visit our Community Server Wiki to learn how to set up your own server and follow the tutorial.

Q: Where do I download Path of Titans server files?

A: You can download the Server Files from our Community Server Wiki found here:

Q: I'm having trouble with my server, who do I contact for help?

A: Please contact your server provider for help relating to your rented server. If you are hosting a server on your own machine, please refer to our Community Server Wiki for help and info about common issues.